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About UPA

UPA Energy Limited (UPA) was formed in 1996, by senior energy managers from the gas and electricity supply industry, and has grown to become one of the UK's leading energy consultancies specialising in the procurement and management of energy.

The Company has developed one of the most accurate and comprehensive on-line bespoke energy systems called EnSys to save Client's money and time by securing the best supply contracts.
With an impressive client portfolio in the UK and Europe, UPA has the purchasing power not only to negotiate the best possible supply contracts and “conditions of supply”, but to work with suppliers to develop and sell exclusive fixed and flexible energy supply contracts.

Since carbon legislation was first introduced in April 2001, UPA has been proactive in supporting clients with carbon reduction schemes including Climate Change Agreements (CCA), Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to reduce energy usage as well as lower energy costs and carbon taxes.

UPA has enhanced EnSys to include calculations and reporting for the mandatory Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme  which was introduced in 2008. 

UPA offers a wide range of services to clients and manages an energy portfolio with a value in excess of £600M.

Our professional attitude combined with our technical expertise has ensured that energy suppliers and clients alike respect us.

Energy prices

  Price   % Move
Gas 36.73 1.20
Electricity 21.55 - 1.33
Water 77.50 - 0.72
Coal 67.75 - 0.76
Last updated 18/05/2013

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