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Energy Procurement

As the UPA Team has developed one of the most sophisticated Online Energy Platforms called EnSys the best energy supply options appropriate for your business can be assured.

Our alternatives range from longer-term fixed rate supply contracts allowing certainty in forecasts and budgets, to flexible purchasing arrangements which enable larger businesses to benefit from movements in wholesale energy prices.

The data generated by EnSys is guaranteed to be 100% accurate which means that invoice verification is simplified and clients only pay for the exact amount of energy that they have used, and at the correct tariffs. UPA will challenge suppliers about tariff structures, unit charges, environmental levies and taxation so that clients can manage ever increasing energy costs more effectively.

In addition EnSys provides real time market intelligence and predicts TRIAD warnings so that clients can plan ahead and reduce costs.

UPA’s comprehensive range of energy procurement services covers:

  • Tender Negotiation
  • Tender Evaluation
  • Portfolio Contracts
  • Risk Management
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Budget Setting
  • Contract Performance Review
  • Invoice Verification
  • Triad Warning Service
  • Market Intelligence
  • Data Management

Energy prices

  Price   % Move
Gas 36.73 1.20
Electricity 21.55 - 1.33
Water 77.50 - 0.72
Coal 67.75 - 0.76
Last updated 18/05/2013

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