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Voltage Optimisation

Voltage Optimisation is an effective method of saving energy. This is because there is a national problem of over voltage in the UK, meaning that electricity supplies can be anywhere between 207V and 253V, depending on local conditions. However, the average voltage supplied from the National Grid is 242V, compared to an average of 220V voltage in mainland Europe.

Therefore, most electrical equipment manufactured for the European and UK market is rated at 220V and may operate satisfactorily at voltages as low as 200V. By efficiently bringing supply voltages to the lower end of the statutory voltage range, Voltage Optimisation not only generates energy savings but also prolongs the life expectancy of connected equipment.

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Energy prices

  Price   % Move
Gas 36.73 1.20
Electricity 21.55 - 1.33
Water 77.50 - 0.72
Coal 67.75 - 0.76
Last updated 18/05/2013

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